Data centre power, cooling and testing

Data Centres life cycle

Power resilience, competitiveness and sustainability in European data centres. Read the industry report here.

Supporting data centres through their entire lifecycle with power, cooling and testing

Aggreko support data centres through every stage of their lifecycle, from construction and commissioning to daily operations, upgrades and emergency response.

We provide temporary power, battery storage, UPS, temperature control and testing for everything from server rooms to hyperscale data centres. Best of all, our mobile and modular products are easily scaled up and down according to demand, meaning you only pay for what you need.




Extra comes as standard.

To set the standard, extra comes as standard. We innovate bespoke solutions for our clients, utilise all our expertise, provide global standardised reassurance and all the flexibility of decentralised energy. So you can get better efficiency, continuity of power and measurable savings.As standard.

Extra innovation

We design and purpose-build every piece of equipment, ensuring that they all work and communicate with each other, seamlessly.

Extra expertise

We have established numerous centres of excellence, dedicated to supporting data centres around the world.

Extra reassurance

As the sector rapidly moves towards ‘standardisation’, we have developed a consistent, modular approach.

Extra flexibility

Decentralised energy solutions can reduce capital expenditure, minimise energy consumption and increase revenue potential.


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