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Data Centre Construction

Power, heat, dry and cool your data centre build.

You can’t always rely on the grid to power all your construction, heating, drying and climate control needs. But you can always depend on our mobile and modular solutions.

How can we support data centre construction?

    • We can provide prime power when there is no grid connection
    • We can synchronise our generators and batteries to the grid
    • Panels, transformers and switchgear distribute the power where it is needed
    • Innovative load on demand packages minimise costs and impact on the environment
    • Super silent generators, manufactured with sound-proofing and noise-reducing measures for urban areas
    • Use our climate control solutions to cure the concrete, dry walls and keep areas dust-free
    • Maintain humidity levels for safe installation of critical equipment and protection of equipment warranties
    • Temperature control equipment keeps workers comfortable and safe

    Temporary power for new build data centres

    Building more flexibility into data centre construction

    In the construction phase, we can supply reliable power for even the most complex site using our efficient, modular generators. You can choose from diesel, gas or alternative fuels running on HVO, GTL and other biofuels. There’s no need to worry about fuel supply either. We can manage that too, ensuring you have maximum uptime.

    Rental equipment for power and temperature solutions

    Keeping you online with 360º data centre support