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A team that shares your commitment to people, responsibility and safety.

A rigorous focus on safety, everywhere we work.

Our industry-leading safety culture is designed to mitigate risk on a global scale. Standard Zero, our framework for governance, planning and risk management directs our risk controls everywhere we work. It also underpins how we assess and evaluate our performance to uncover opportunities for perpetual improvement.

As part of our health and safety framework, we’re committed to:

  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards
  • Identifying and assessing hazards associated with our operations
  • Appropriately recruiting, training and coaching personnel
  • Providing the right tools and equipment
  • Evaluating our operations, management systems and controls continually
  • Empowering employees to stop any unsafe work
  • Involving suppliers and partners in our culture of safety
  • Sharing knowledge, internally and externally, wherever we can

In short, with Aggreko, the safe way is the only way.

How do you achieve transparency?

By making ethics and accountability core.

For us, integrity and honesty are core values. They form the basis of everything we do, everywhere in the world, and are supported by robust policies and procedures designed to eliminate the risk of bribery and corruption.

Our specialist compliance team guarantees that our activity is in line with established best practice, while our Code of Conduct sets out clear standards of behaviour for our people. We also work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure our high expectations of ethical behaviour are met.

Aggreko also supports the work of the Institute of Business Ethics, helping businesses embed an ethical culture.

Securing information, property and people globally

The critical nature of our work makes security one of our highest priorities. We manage two comprehensive frameworks, one helping us deliver a secure physical environment and one protecting the data, processes and systems our customers depend on.

Securing environments

Our security framework includes minimum security standards around the world, tailored to address the most considerable risks in every one of our diverse locations. We’ve also launched multiple layers of control to ensure these standards are met, including risk assessment, security audits, training and ongoing workforce engagement.

Cyber security

Led by our IT security team, our cyber security framework is derived from the NIST CSF 1.1 control framework under four key pillars:

  • Enabling our people to operate safely
  • Keeping our connected assets safe
  • Protecting the digital journeys of our customers
  • Securing our IT infrastructure

We also have a Cyber Security Forum to oversee administrative, technical and operational controls, creating a culture of security across the business. Our ongoing performance is then measured through multiple systems, including regular reporting, cyber security ratings like the BitSight score, ongoing training and testing, and more.

Information Security Management System
Aligned to ISO/IEC27001:2013

UK Cyber Essentials Plus

Quarterly Cyber Security Forum
to make continual improvements in our security posture