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Small scale, short-term solutions

Meeting customer needs

At Aggreko, we help our clients by providing reliable, flexible and sustainable access to power, heating and cooling across multiple sectors, including mining, data centres, sporting events, manufacturing and construction.

Trust us to deliver all your power and temperature control needs, when and where you need them. Maximising your resilience and efficiency. Making the sustainable, more viable. And turning often complex challenges, into simple solutions.

Investing in greener technology

We continue to invest in new technologies to make our hire equipment cleaner, quieter and more efficient. We have invested in our fleet and are proud to house the largest range of Stage V generators and the widest range of (BESS) Battery Energy Storage Systems. We have successfully introduced alternative fuels like fossil-free HVO into our operations and continue to research into the viability of future fuels, successfully trialling hydrogen and biomethanol. Through our Greener Upgrades, we are encouraging business that a small switch can make a big difference.

Mobile and modular

Fast set up

Greener solutions


Global support

With locations around the globe we can support, no matter where you are, or how challenging your location is. With a power generation fleet of more than 10 GW and experience managing and fulfilling operations from conception to reality, you have peace of mind we can deliver.

Benefits to you

All our energy solutions are flexible and modular, giving you complete control of market conditions.

We can deliver power fast, when are where you need it, providing greater resilience away from the grid. And in an age when technology is innovating every day, you can be assured that your business will always benefit from future-proof technology - and your budget won’t be wasted on ongoing repair or maintenance costs.