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Collection of gas and diesel generators

Power generation

Innovation in power generation

Primary energy, emergency source or back-up power - we deliver power generation to suit all your requirements, from 3 weeks to 30 years. Our mobile, modular systems can be deployed quickly to even the most remote of areas and can be scaled up and down to meet demand - for as long as you need. We design and manufacture our own generators to the highest safety and emissions standards. Delivering cleaner, quieter, and more efficient power to customers of all industries, across the globe.

Applications and sectors

Whether you face an emergency outage, a planned project or a surge in demand, we can solve your power generation and distribution challenges with our specialised fleet of power equipment. Our generators are proven in diverse sectors including construction, data centes, government and military, manufacturing and utilities. They can be used for a number of scenarios including:

  •  Primary energy source
  • High voltage power
  •  Back-up power
  •  Renewable energy solutions
  •  Supplementary power
  •  Power plants
  •  Contingency planning
  •  Remote monitoring
  •  Emergency response

Fuelling your choices

Hire your equipment from us and we’ll also assist you with managing your fuel of choice. Choose from an initial fill option where we will fill your fuel on site at the start of your contract or alternatively, we can manage your fuel entirely for you throughout the length of your hire.