Client Singapore Government

Location Singapore

Sectors Contracting

The Challenge

Rapid power and temperature control for temporary health facilities 

Aggreko was tasked with providing reliable power and temperature control solutions to two of the community recovery facilities. The scale of the task was significant: the facilities can take in 300 patients each day, with a maximum capacity of an estimated 1,600 patients.

At the time of the outbreak, temperatures in Singapore could soar up to 35 degrees Celsius. That meant that the tents that formed the facilities could very quickly become unbearably hot and uncomfortable for both patients and healthcare workers treating the sick. Aggreko needed to put in place a temperature control solution which made the environment as comfortable as possible.

Lastly, given the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country, Aggreko needed to be able to deploy the power and temperature control solutions as quickly as possible so that the temporary structures could begin accepting the first patients. The response needed to be fast, effective, and reliable.

Project fact file

2300 kW

Of cooling

11 MW

Of power

20 Structures

Supported by our solution

7 Days

Time taken to deliver entire solution

The Solution

11 MW of power and 2300 kW of cooling to create ideal environment

The diversity of Aggreko’s fleet and the expertise of our engineers meant that we were able to rise to the challenge and quickly get to work designing a bespoke solution that would ensure the facilities were effectively powered and cooled.

Across two community recovery facilities, Aggreko has deployed 11 MW of power and 2300 kW of cooling to support 20 temporary structures in total. This bespoke solution was developed with the specific needs of the recovery facilities in mind.

The Aggreko Difference

Need power, heating or cooling quickly? That's our speciality

The Impact

Swift delivery means patients receive care quickly

From confirmation of hire, Aggreko delivered the full solution in one week, including conducting site surveys, planning, logistical deployment, installation, and commissioning. This meant that the community recovery facilities were able to start accepting the first patients in a matter of days.

The rapid deployment of the solution was achieved while our team abided by social distancing measures, continuing to meet our usual high levels of operational efficiency despite the challenges of delivering during the pandemic.

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