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Welder mounts in the trunk pipeline electrochemical protection

Gas power ready to go in just 1 day for multiple project sites

Client: Global Oil Services Company

Location: Netherlands

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Power for a Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance services team in remote European locations

Our customer is a world leading oil services company which offers a Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance service to their customers.

In Europe their fully equipped team travels from location to location from April until October each year, with most projects situated in remote locations. Using their own air compressors, they purge the pipeline to clean and maintain them.

Power is needed to get the air compressors up and running. They typically use their own diesel power generation equipment or subcontract to a power provider. After approaching Aggreko in France for a diesel fuelled solution our team quoted this but suggested they consider using gas generators instead that could be engineered to run on available onsite pipeline gas.

Our customer mobilises their people and equipment from central points, whereas their competition is based locally. Their local competitors have a lower cost base, and quick mobilisation turnaround.

With local competition increasing our customer is always looking for ways to reduce their cost base to remain competitive and maintain local market share and were open to our suggestion of using onsite gas instead.

Project fact file

Gas generators solution 1MW
From 6 Bar to 200 mBar Gas skid
Installation, commissioning of the gas solution 1 day
Contract duration 3 Year

The Solution

1 MW Gas Generators adjusted specifically for each project to run on pipeline gas available at each project site

Gas had not been considered as an option as it typically takes 2-3 days to mobilise and adjust the gas sets to accept different gas qualities. With typical projects only lasting around 5 days, the additional time required had previously ruled out the approach.

However, using Aggreko’s gas certified engineers who can adjust our sets in just one day using their deep expertise and knowledge – we unlocked this solution for the customer. Our mobile and modular gas generators are ideal for the Pipeline team as they move from location to location often reaching remote areas.

Furthermore, their ability to run on gas from an existing gas pipeline reduced their fuel costs significantly. By providing a full service offering of the equipment and the gas certified engineers, Aggreko takes care of the commissioning and decommissioning as well as adjust the gas generators based on the quality of onsite available gas – enabling our customer to focus on delivering world class pipeline inspection and maintenance services.

The Impact

THE IMPACT Cost savings directly reduce customer’s cost base to become cost competitive while reducing their environmental impact

Our customer was able to considerably lower their fuel costs, enabling them to become more cost competitive against the local competitors.

Using our fast track mobile and modular power, they were also able to mobilise quickly to remote locations, further increasing their competitiveness with the local competition. In additional to cost savings, using onsite gas instead of diesel lowered their emissions ultimately reducing their environmental impact.