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Off-grid power keeps wind farm on track

Client: Onshore wind farm

Location: Inverness, Scotland

Sectors: Renewable energy

The challenge

Powering an off-grid wind farm development

A hold up with mains grid connection was putting an onshore wind farm’s development at risk of serious delay. A lack of power would mean hold-ups in commissioning new turbines, and the developer failing to meet the deadline for its Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC).

They also needed to keep the turbines turning to meet the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

To keep things on track, the wind farm developer asked our renewables team to supply temporary power.


Project fact file

Wind Turbines 20
Wind farm output 60MW
High voltage power package 33kV

The solution

A high-voltage power package and 24/7 support

Commissioning a wind farm is a complex task. Turbines need to be tested under all types of load conditions. We set to work designing a 33 kV high-voltage (HV) power generation and load bank package. Then we installed it at the wind farm’s main substation so that comprehensive testing could begin – not just on the turbines but also on all HV gear.

We provided 24/7 real-time monitoring and diagnostic support to make sure that the power kept flowing. The steady supply of power ensured that the turbines’ ancillary systems – heaters, dehumidifiers and hydraulics – could run continuously, preserving the manufacturer’s warranty.


The impact

Power and revenue generated ahead of schedule

Our off-grid system helped the developer stick to its schedule, which meant the turbine manufacturer’s commissioning engineers stayed on site as planned. Plus, with our comprehensive power system in place, the wind farm developer could test multiple turbines simultaneously, speeding up the commissioning process.

By avoiding a commissioning delay, the wind farm developer started exporting power as soon as that vital grid connection was made. Revenue was generated faster, and the developer met the tight deadlines of the ROC before the scheme ended.