24 Feb 2020

Aggreko signs 7 MW hybrid contract in Patagonia

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    Daniel Betts

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Contract marks Aggreko's first battery storage project in Latin America
The combination of thermal generation and storage will reduce costs and carbon emissions

Aggreko plc., the global provider of mobile, modular power, has signed a 4-year contract with a leading oil and gas Argentinian company to provide a hybrid power solution at its plant in Sierra Chata, in the province of Neuquén.

Aggreko will provide a bespoke hybrid package comprising 6 MW of power from state-of-the-art thermal high efficiency gas generators, combined with one 1 MW battery unit. The battery storage unit will allow the plant to take large steps in load, without compromising voltage and frequency.

This approach increases the power plant’s efficiency and fuel performance significantly, reducing fuel consumption by between 13% and 20%. As a result, the client benefits from lower overall power generation costs, carbon emissions, and improved reliability. The site uses gas produced on site, lowering fuel costs and increasing the site’s energy efficiency.

The project marks the first time that Aggreko has installed a battery storage system in Latin America. Aggreko was also the only company in the region that was able to work with the customer to install a hybrid power solution in Patagonia.

Aggreko’s Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Pablo Varela, said: “As the market for off-grid generation capacity continues to evolve, we are seeing our customers demand ever-more innovative solutions to cut costs, reduce emissions and increase the reliability of their power supply.”

“We were excited to be able to bring this pioneering solution to this site, marking the first time that we have deployed battery technology in Latin America . We’re looking forward to seeing how demand for such technologies evolves as the energy transition progresses.”