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Operations engine

The digitalization of operations ensures 3 main benefits:

Mobilization and commissioning
Coordination to provide you with the right equipment at the right time and at the right place, while ensuring that all the persons involved are effectively and efficiently coordinated.

The availability and the preparation of the equipment, the planning of its delivery, the installation and operation of our solutions are all rings of a chain, in which each link is critical to ensure a flawless operation.

Equipment Reliability enhancement
Through Artificial Intelligence that monitors and analyses the operational data from our fleet, predicting a potential failure event and allowing us to proactively take actions to prevent the occurrence of the failure.



In case of unpredictable failures, our technical teams are promptly alerted by our 24/7 Remote Operations Centre (ROC), informing them on the causes of the breakdown and assisting them during their interventions, even providing Remote Technical Support with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) to reduce the downtime of our equipment.

Analyze your effective energy needs
Proposing the most efficient solution to satisfy your needs, whilst minimizing the emissions for a more sustainable future. 

These innovative technologies support our Operational Excellence targets, providing you with the maximum peace of mind when working with us and supporting your energy transition targets.


Choosing Aggreko, is opting for reliability 

Everything starts with the design and manufacture of our equipment to ensure maximum reliability in operations.
Moreover, our Remote Operations Center (ROC) is connected 24/7 with the Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) systems fitted in our equipment to monitor multiple functional parameters and detect any deviation from standard trends, predicting potential failures. The artificial intelligence of our algorithms allows us to detect and resolve potential future incidents before they occur. 

In the event of a proven incident detected, ROC informs our technicians of the cause of the issue and provide all the necessary information on the needed spare parts to resolve the incident.

Roc Aggreko, Remote operations center

The Remote Operations Center is in contact with our field technical team, assisting them during their interventions. Our technicians are equipped with the latest devices to connect to the equipment to troubleshoot the causes of the current issue, visualize the instructions to be followed to repair, order any parts that may be necessary, consult the technical history of the equipment and report the work carried out.

Where phone support is not enough, we have taken a step further in providing remote technical support to our field operations by using Augmented Reality (AR). This technology provides enhanced assistance to our technicians, ensuring a prompt resolution of any technical concern.

We also provide our customers with our ARM app helping them to follow any issue resolution, generate reports on equipment usage and interface online with our service teams. ARM allows us to get your equipment back up and running in the shortest possible time. 

engine with aggreko remote monitoring
operations mobilization and commissioning


Mobilization and commissioning


Overall coordination of our activities

Anytime you order a solution from Aggreko, you have 6 individuals dedicated to serve your order.

  • The Customer Service Representative will be your main point of contact to manage the overall coordination of our activities to serve your order.
  • The Equipment Scheduler manages inventories and allocates the needed equipment for your project.
aggreko technician
  • The Shop Scheduler plans the allocation of the necessary technical resources to ensure that the selected equipment is in perfect working conditions before leaving our depots. This is achieved by performing up to 100 checkpoints.
  • The Transport Scheduler coordinates the delivery, the cranage and the collection of the equipment.
  • The Field Scheduler coordinates the arrival of our technicians together with the equipment to perform its installation.
  • The Fuel Scheduler cares of the fuel supply during the installation and throughout the contract.

A bespoke case management in Salesforce (our CRM) is used to support all the above steps. By doing so we can provide you with a greater efficiency and speed at all steps of the process.

Field Service Lightning

Field Service coordination

We have also implemented the digital application ‘Field Service Lightning’, which allows us to manage the coordination of our technical services in an efficient manner. 
With Field Service Lightning, we have a real-time view of our technical team and can manage the planning of our technicians according to several parameters:

  • Localization and Availability of any technician
  • Complexity of the activity to be performed, in order to allocate the proper technical expertise
  • Urgency of the situation, to rearrange technician planning accordingly

We can therefore give you the assurance of a rapid and successful intervention, contributing to your activity uptime.


More efficient and sustainable solutions

Aggreko is at the forefront of the energy transition and we have set industry-leading net zero targets to support customers through the energy transition.

Our experience and expertise give us the perfect foundation to reduce both our own environmental footprint and that of our customers.

We took our first steps quite some time ago, focusing on greener fleet and more sustainable solutions development. These include the use of digital controls that continuously monitor the different available power sources 
(solar, battery, gas & diesel) and manage them accordingly in order to match your power demand at the lowest cost and environmental footprint.

green equipment