14 Dec 2021

High capacity and emission saving:  Aggreko launches 400kW heat-pump chiller

Big blue and metallic chiller structure on concrete outside

Aggreko, the global leader in mobile and modular energy solutions, has launched a 400 kW heat-pump chiller, one of the highest capacity units on the market. The system offers best-in-class environmental performance to help reduce carbon emissions.

With an established heat-pump chiller range already supporting customers across the world with a maximum capacity of 200 kW, this latest innovation has been specifically designed for larger projects that require greater capacity, including in manufacturing, the food and beverage sector as well as large-scale events. 

In combining the heat-pump and chiller into a larger canopy, the created solution removes the need for a boiler while simultaneously reducing the amount of fuel required, removing space constraints and delivering cost-savings through minimising logistics and maintenance demand. 

A key component of the 400 kW heat-pump chiller is its 4-way valve that reverses the refrigerant flow from the compressor through the condenser and evaporator, allowing the unit to switch between cooling and heating modes. Smart software will enable the product to adapt output temperature to efficiently control flow based on client need.   

Danny Quinn, Product Manager, Temperature Control at Aggreko said: “Our team has decades of expertise in providing heating and chilling solutions that best suit our customer’s needs and we’re proud to be bringing this latest innovation to market, offering even greater choice. The 400 kW heat-pump chiller will help to reduce carbon emissions without the need for compromise on cost, space or reliability. We look forward to deploying this best-in-class technology to help our customers achieve their targets”.  

The launch of this product in Continental Europe, is the latest innovation from Aggreko as it works to reduce its carbon emissions across all operations by 50% by 2030, operate a net-zero business across all services by 2050 and continue to support customers through the energy transition.

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