12 May 2021

How Aggreko Event Services are adapting to the energy transition

Quote and image from Robert Wells, MD for Events Services at Aggreko

Encore for the Events Sector: How Aggreko Events Services are adapting to the energy transition and a changing world

The energy transition has forced all sectors to face up to shifting energy demands and change how their world works. The events sector is no different and 2020 was even more challenging with the global pandemic stopping the whole world from attending events in public.

In this article we hear from Aggreko’s own Robert Wells – Managing Director of Aggreko Events Services Ltd. You can read how he and his team have thought on their feet and adjusted to these hurdles to the events industry and how Aggreko are in prime position to help the sector get back on its feet with cleaner energy at the forefront of their focus.


• Hi Robert. How did you get started with the events sector and Aggreko?

I have been with Aggreko for 16 years, starting in our UK business as the Head of Operations. During that time I took responsibility for the Aggreko Events Team, working on projects such as the Open Championship and Glastonbury Festival. When London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics I led the team through both the procurement process and ultimately the successful delivery of the contract. You could say after that there was no escaping events, and I’ve been involved ever since.

• It’s been a pretty challenging year for the events industry. How did you experience the pandemic situation in your current position?

We’re very lucky being part of Aggreko and having strong and experienced teams. While it’s still a very challenging business environment, we were able to assist a lot of the other teams in Aggreko working in different sectors as well as supporting many COVID-related projects. As a result, we have managed to keep our teams fully employed, with a big focus in the last year on working with our long-term contracts and trying to secure future business.

• People all over the world are excited to go back to concerts, sport games, private events etc. Is Aggreko expecting some kind of “events explosion” after Covid-19? Is Aggreko Events Services ready for the new demands?

We’re certainly optimistic about the return of audiences and fans to events and certainly this will have a major impact in the recovery of the sector. We’re more than ready for this and we continue to invest in the capability of our teams, along with new equipment which we’re purchasing as part of the energy transition.

• Earlier this year, Aggreko announced its commitment to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used in customer solutions by at least 50% before 2030. How is this going to affect the events industry?

As you’ll be aware, Event customers are very much leading the demand for sustainable solutions, and we’ve been working with these clients over the last two to three years to implement solutions to reduce carbon emissions and fuel usage.

And what energy-transition solutions is Aggreko offering?

First and foremost, we’re working with data to ensure that equipment is correctly specified and matched to the requirements of each client. This helps reduce fuel consumption. We’ve also invested heavily in the latest and highest emission-rated Tier4F/Stage 5 engines for our fleet. We have a wide range of energy storage products and solar solutions too, and we offer the use of alternative fuels options, whether it be Hydrogen or Biofuels.

Finally, do you have any exciting eco-friendly projects coming up?

Many of our contracts are now deploying a range of the solutions I mentioned above, whether it’s on some of our global contracts supporting motor racing, broadcast support for the Euro Football Championships or turnkey delivery of power and HVAC requirements for the Open Championship.