03 Nov 2021

Cleaner construction - Build with batteries

A computer-generated setup of portacabins and how they are powered by temporary energy and hybrid solutions

Everyone’s focus is on Net-Zero. Your investors, customers and governing bodies want lower emissions – but do you have a strategy in place to meet these ambitions?

Making these changes is easier said than done, but we’ve extended our energy storage range to make it easier for construction projects to decarbonise – without compromising on reliability.

But how do building services and construction projects make the most of this? And what are the benefits?

We designed and produced our extended range of batteries so more businesses can adapt to the energy transition – and give everyone the opportunity to plan a cleaner strategy for the future.

But the construction sector has different demands. Power requirements for sites often run at contrasting levels at different times of the day – sometimes it results in generators running at less than 25% of their capacity. That same generator will be responsible for peak hour energy supply too.

Surely there has to be a more efficient way?

Our batteries are the missing puzzle piece.

We combine two types of power for maximum results. Our efficient generators handle the rise in power demand for your site operations. But when demand is lower, our batteries kick in. This lowers fuel consumption, emissions and cost too – and you still get the same, dependable power your project requires.

Government regulations on CO2 and NOx are now attainable. Your long-term targets don’t have to suffer and your deadlines can still be met. Our adaptable hybrid power ticks all the boxes for a wide range of sectors – so no matter where you are and what you need, you can have the cleaner power that today’s world is demanding.

How does it all work?

Our responsive, intelligent software runs as a control system within the batteries. It manages the variable loads in an automated way – that means it can turn the generator off when there’s a period of low energy consumption and switch it back on to recharge the battery or there’s a ramp in power demand. We can craft a tailored solution for your site with our modular equipment and experience – all you have to do is get in touch.

So how do I implement this into my project?

We know a constant level of power is non-negotiable. But instead of running generators 24/7, our hybrid energy will reduce your generator run time. This is ideal for drying rooms, surveillance booths, cranes, portable buildings (e.g. Portacabins) or employee booths. Your project operations will continue to benefit from uninterrupted power, while simultaneously reducing emissions and cost.

Key benefits of a hybrid power system?:

• Lower emissions
• Less fuel burned
• Reliable energy supply
• Noise reduction
• Complying with local emissions / regulations
• More sustainable brand image
• Reduction of maintenance hours
• Managing variable loads more efficiently

There’s no reason why your site can’t benefit from battery storage. Talk to one of our experts on how our hybrid solution can power your project.