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Our innovation

Reinventing energy for over 50 years

From small beginnings, we’ve become the global leader in what we do, not just in terms of size but in the range and efficiency of products we offer. We’re doing this by:

  • Developing new products at our own research and development facility in Dumbarton, Scotland.
  • Exploring new technologies at our Aggreko Technology Centre of Excellence, based with Ricardo, a global engineering, strategic and environmental consultancy, near Brighton, UK.
  • Working with researchers and students at leading universities to investigate and find answers to the energy problems of the future.

We never sit back and accept the status quo – from engineers to management, we’re always looking at the world through our customers’ eyes and investing in technology that will support them better.

Our decarbonisation efforts so far :

  • Using only HFC refrigerant across our Temperature Control fleet
  • Introducing in our fleet fully compliant Stage V power generators
  • Enabling several bio-fuel options and Gas usage within our fleet
  • Proposing a range of Batteries sets for energy storage
  • Proposing Hybrid solutions combining Solar/Batteries with our Thermal equipment

Digitalisation :

  • We offer you the Aggreko Remote Monitoring technology (ARM) and fully staffed Remote Operation Centre which enables you and us to maintain your equipment remotely
  • Our Energy Management technology which enables you to digitally source the right energy
  • Our Augmented Reality technology which enables us to train our technicians and assist them when maintaining your equipment
  • We have several state-of-the-art Digital tools to enable end to end digital relationships with our customers, manage our inventories and logistic, schedule our service, process the necessary work

The energy transition

Looking to the future

With the world facing an estimated power gap of 100 GW by the end of this decade, quick, scalable power and energy storage is set to be even more crucial to industry, communities and entire economies. That’s why we’re continually innovating to meet the future with confidence – supplying power on demand, anywhere in the world, while respecting the environment.