600 kVA canopied generator

Dual certified T4 Final / Stage V

Our dual Tier4F Stage V 600 kVA canopy generator helps you increase performance and cut your emissions by up to 95%*. It adapts to your needs being switchable from 50 to 60 Hz and works seamlessly on alternative fuels such as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), further reducing local air quality impacts. The generators are driven by data too, resulting in more efficient service assessments and wider information gathering. The generators are also built with Arc Flash detection, Ingress Protection Anti Moisture Louvres and a new HMI Interface all adding up to a safe, reliable, clean and efficient product that will benefit your business.

* Compared to a Stage IIIA generator

*Part of our global fleet and available upon request

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Key Data

  1. Fuel Type
  2. Continuous Power (KW / KVA)
    50 Hz - 409.1/511.375 60 Hz - 427.0/533.75
  3. Prime Rated Power (kW / kVA)
    50 Hz - 456.0/570 60 Hz - 552.0/690
  4. 100% prime power
    50 Hz - 130 L/hr 60 Hz - 141.2 L/hr
  5. 75% prime power
    50 Hz - 97.5 L/hr 60 Hz - 106.5 L/hr
  6. 50% prime power
    50 Hz - 66.4 L/hr 60 Hz - 73.5 L/hr


  • Designed and assembled to Aggreko’s standards
  • Bolted, galvanised, alloy steel canopy with lockable doors
  • Acoustically designed equipment
  • Low fuel level warning sensor in fuel tank
  • Forklift pockets in base frame and lifting beam on top
    Optional 2-point lifting arrangement


  • Reduced emissions and compliant with the latest EU Stage V regulations
  • New aftertreatment system making it more efficient than the previous generation of diesel engines
  • Flexible 50 and 60 Hz units
  • Data driven, which allows better remote information – smarter servicing
  • Works perfectly on alternative fuels as HVO
  • Arc Flash detection and ingress protection moisture louvres, giving better protection of the internal components of the canopy from the environment
  • Range of warnings and shutdowns on control system protects generator set from electrical and mechanical damage, helps identify and rectify faults before they occur

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