400 kW Heat-Pump Chiller

Our 400 kW heat pump chiller is an extremely efficient product offering one of the highest kW capacity on the market. An integrated chiller / heat pump, compared to using a chiller and a boiler solution, adds environmental benefits of avoiding the consumption of fossil fuels. Combining two products in one reduces the logistics and installation costs and effort and the switch between the cooling and heating modes takes only a few minutes.

Key Data

  1. Heating Capacity
    420kW @7°C Ambient
  2. Cooling Capacity
    402kW @35°C Ambient
  3. Power supply
    400V 3p 50 Hz
  4. Flow Rate Range
    530 - 1900 lpm
  5. Water Volume
    70 ltr

Physical Data

  1. Length (m)
  2. Width (m)
  3. Height (m)
  4. Gross Weight (kg)
  5. Sound Pressure Level At 10m
    93 dB(A)


  • Best-in-class environmental performance
  • Largest unit size offering in the market
  • Reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and the accompanying carbon footprint


  • Meets a wide range of application demands within Food & Beverage, Construction, PCR, Manufacturing & Event sectors
  • Reduced footprint in a single piece of equipment – removing the need for a chiller and a boiler
  • Reduced cost of operation

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