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Heavy Fuel Oil

Our Heavy Fuel Oil Medium Speed power solution will give you cost effective power, ready when you need it, round the clock.

Fast track power that’s scalable, efficient and reliable.

Whether it’s helping you bridge a gap, optimising costs or providing early power - we can ensure you meet your power needs by increasing capacity quickly.

Nothing happens without power, so getting your mobile power plant to your site and operational in week’s means you can get on with your business quicker – typically within 90 days for an 80 MW power plant.

We can synchronise with the grid, where available, at any required voltage, to bring stable power for any period while permanent infrastructure is being developed.

There’s no up-front investment – no capex needed – so you could replace ageing inefficient infrastructure that’s prone to breakdowns and high operating and maintenance costs – as well as benefit from significant fuel savings using HFO compared to other fossil fuels.

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Our heavy fuel oil power stations are suitable for harsh operating conditions, and our extensive network means we can get what you need to wherever you need it.

Mobile, module power plants


All our fleet, including our HFO generators, are fully containerised, mobile and modular.

They are packed into standard-sized containers so they can be transported using standard shipping methods, which saves time and money.

A single 1.82 MW generator is the basic building block of a 29 MW power package, installed in a 16-pack layout, complete with plug and play ancillaries for both fuel supply and electrical connection.

Their modular advantage means they can be scaled to your individual needs and varying levels of power demand, including providing plant redundancy in their 2 MW blocks.

Our containerised arrangement gives the flexibility to create power plants of multi-megawatt capacities starting from 8 MW in size.

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