“We work quietly behind the scenes, making sure the lights are powered, the sound checks run smoothly and activities are broadcasted worldwide.”

Powering Events of Scale - Take the 3D Tour

Delivering Events of Scale: An Interactive Experience

The popularity and scale of live events is growing across the world. And that means the need for reliable power solutions is greater than ever before to make sure the lights, scoreboards and cameras stay on so spectators in venues or watching at home can enjoy an event without interruption.

Aggreko has decades of experience and a strong track record in delivering events on a global scale. This means that we have the operational playbook and skilled team in place to deliver contracts of any size, on time and within budget. Our modular approach also means that we are well positioned to respond to the varying requirements of our customers.

In response to demand for greener energy, we can integrate renewable sources and battery storage into our power solutions. At the Solheim Cup this year, the combined solar and battery storage that we deployed to power the security operations ran so efficiently that the back-up generator was not required at any point during the tournament.

Our ability to respond to specific customer requirements isn’t just limited to sporting events. At this year’s Glastonbury Festival, parts of the site were powered by hybrid thermal-solar generators, combined with battery storage systems and energy management software. For the first time, our generators ran on hydrotreated vegetable oil, derived from a mix of 100 per cent used vegetable oils and waste fats.


These examples give a flavour of how demands at events are rapidly changing in response to their ever-growing popularity and changing customer expectations.

For the Rugby World Cup this year, Aggreko provided 32.5 MVA of electricity to power the 12 match venues and international broadcast centre. More than 1.8 million tickets were sold for this year’s tournament, with a record 99.3% attendance and an estimated 400 million people tuning in worldwide, making this the most watched Rugby World Cup in history. Clearly, the need for a constant, reliable stream of power was paramount.

To lift the lid on what it takes to power a global event, we have harnessed the latest 3D technology to develop an immersive, interactive experience. Viewers can experience the process from generation to transmission, demonstrating the complexity of solutions required so that spectators and competitors can enjoy their favourite events without interruption.

Take the 3d tour

We recommend using Google Chrome in order to get the most out of the experience.


"With only two days’ access to the venue we had to build the ice rink and be ready to open by 7pm. Any delay would mean cancellation of the show and cause significant financial and reputational loss to the tournament and our company. Aggreko's service was excellent. They knew exactly what they were doing and their equipment was first rate."

Gareth Webber Director ,
Ice World New Zealand

“Aggreko helped turn an empty car park into a production space for a major international fashion event. Equipment was kept out of sight and discreet, while the team worked hard behind the scenes to help deliver a world-class event.”



Alex Woodfield Senior Events Manager ,
British Fashion Council

“Aggreko have got a great history of providing temporary power to some of the most important sports events around the world.  And so, we were delighted to have them as our power partner here last year in Portsmouth, and this year, and I hope we’ll be working with them for many years to come.”

Sir Keith Mills Chairman ,
America’s Cup World Series, Portsmouth

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