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Fuel management system

We like to keep things easy

When everything’s operating perfectly, the last thing you need is to run out of fuel and experience downtime. Cleaning up a spill, or fixing equipment damaged by contaminated diesel are also hassles you just don’t need. We can beat these headaches by:

  • Calculating your fuel needs, based on your usage – and scheduling deliveries to match.
  • Helping out when you have a fuel emergency – day or night.
  • Making sure our fuel is the highest quality and free from contaminants.
  • Providing the right size fuel tanks for maximum efficiency.
  • Removing the risk of spillages.

Minimal disruption, maximum efficiency

By agreeing a schedule, we can deliver at times that won’t interrupt your site. We transport fuel using specialist vehicles, so we can access any site. And if you need extra deliveries – or fewer – we’ll get it done quickly.

Our prices are competitive and we won’t ask you to pay on delivery. And because we dispense fuel in the most efficient way, you only pay for what you receive.

What’s more, we can send regular fuel usage reports to help you keep track of costs.

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Why Aggreko?

Hassle-free, flexible fuel planning.

Reliable, no-fuss deliveries.

Guaranteed fuel quality

24/7 emergency response.

Safety first, safety always

When it comes to fuel transport and storage, we don’t take chances. Our fuel tanks are fully bunded to eliminate leaks. What’s more, our team of experienced drivers make sure we comply with local fuel transport regulations.

When we’re on your site, we take full responsibility for safety when fuelling your equipment. So in the unlikely event of a spill, we’ll take care of the clean-up immediately.

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