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High Voltage Power Solutions

Get safe power, no matter the voltage - with

High voltage power

You need power to match your site’s needs. And handling high voltage power is an exact science, with intricate elements to the process.

From 20MW to 100MW power, our experts are skilled at implementing temporary high voltage power solutions safely - and quickly.

Emergencies happen, unfortunately. But we step in to make sure you don’t experience tricky downtime and are up and running with optimal productivity.

In the same vein, our temporary high voltage solutions means your site remains uninterrupted by scheduled maintenance and testing.

Keep on track, always

Emergencies, handled

Take the panic out of an emergency, with our fleet of high voltage generators and solutions. No matter how high your voltage needs.

Uninterruptible power supply

Ready-to-go power for scheduled maintenance gives you the peace of mind that you’re always switched on.

An expert team on hand

Our team of experts are on hand throughout the design and implementation process - and beyond. We will seamlessly guide you through every step.

How do you do it?

We’ve helped others, just like you.