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Virtual Pipelines

Virtual Pipelines

There is little doubt that Virtual Pipelines will be a key enabler in the Energy Transition and will position gas as the transition fuel. 

Virtual Pipelines are bringing gas to areas that otherwise have no access to it, displacing other more carbon-intensive and expensive liquid fuels in the process.

At Aggreko, we are already LNG, CNG and LPG ready. While CNG and LPG has been available for some time, we are actively involved in the rapidly-developing small-scale LNG supply value chain, and we are working to enable it wherever possible. 

We are operating in North America with excellent LNG fuel suppliers and have multiple projects running on LNG through Virtual Pipelines.

Outside of North America the supply chain is not as mature or still non-existent. In those areas we are actively working to:

  • Stimulate and develop the necessary supply chains in different regional markets
  • Identify the key players and suppliers
  • Position ourselves to be able to help our customers get the volumes they will need, as soon as it’s available

While many of our projects are in North America where the supply chain is mature, we also have virtual pipeline projects in South America, Nigeria, Spain and Australia and work in most areas LNG, LPG or CNG is available. 

We are ready to work with you on a country by country basis on your individual needs to enable Virtual Pipeline projects where possible.

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