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Ensuring guaranteed power and comfortable cooling for a leading boat show

Client: Arena Group

Location: Dubai International Marine Club

Sectors: Events


Provide power for the Dubai International Boat Show, the biggest marine and lifestyle experience in the UAE

The Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) is one of the premier events in the Middle East, showcasing new luxury yachts for sale and charter in the Gulf region.

It attracts hundreds of attendees and has more than 450 boats on display. Therefore, the event requires a significant amount of logistical planning and reliable power to run without any issues.

The Arena Group, which hosted the DIBS, needed to power, and cool its 40 by 240mt structure with a complete power and temperature control solution during the month of March – a month where temperatures can reach 30°C.
Planning and coordination with potential contractors and subcontractors was also needed for an event of this magnitude.

Project fact file

Public event 4days
Installation and testing 20days
Power 8MW


8 MV power and 12,000-ton cooling solutions for the entire four-day event, all designed, installed, and commissioned within 20 days

We provided full 8 MV power and temperature control relief for the entire venue throughout the four-day event, working with contractors and subcontractors to ensure everything went to plan.

To ensure complete peace of mind with installation and commissioning, vigorous testing took place 20 days before the show so that we could ensure safety for attendees and exhibitors showcasing at the event.


Total power and temperature providing a round-the-clock solution, keeping guests cool and ensuring the boat show ran successfully

With a total power and temperature control solution – along with dedicated around-the-clock support for the entire DIBS – The Arena Group was able to showcase one of Dubai’s most popular events successfully.

Equipment installation was a success, and the job was completed within the time frame provided. As a result, the public enjoyed the show and admired the superyachts on display while keeping cool the entire time.