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Rescuing An Off-Grid Refinery From A Loss Of Production

Client: International Oil Company

Location: Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining


Gas turbine power plant failure and long lead time for replacement parts

Our customer, an International Oil Company (IOC) operates a refinery in an off-grid remote area of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. When a part of its 10 MW Gas Turbine power plant failed, a lead time of three months for the replacement parts meant it needed emergency assistance – fast. Facing a loss of production, the refinery knew who to call.

Fact File

Off-grid power plant 10MW
Emergency diesel power 3MW
From call to commissioning 3days


Rapid delivery and installation of supplementary power

With equipment on hand in Erbil and Basra, we were able to respond quickly. We provided three 1,250 kVA diesel generators, two fuel tanks and one 3.25 MVA transformer. We also arranged for 50 meters of 11 kV cable to be connected by one of our in-country suppliers.

The equipment was delivered, installed and commissioned by two Aggreko technicians within four days. Were it not for the pandemic, delivery and installation would have been even quicker. In line with the refinery’s COVID-19 policies, our technicians were required to quarantine for three days before coming on site.


Power restored, full steam ahead!

Instead of a wait of three months, the refinery was able to return to full production within a matter of days. This bridged the gap while the IOC waited for the parts it needed to make its power plant fully functional again.