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A major petrochemical  company in Qatar

Temporary power and HVAC keep projects moving

Client: A major petrochemical company

Location: Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining


Protect employees working in hot environments

A major petrochemical company was working through 14 different projects in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar – all with extremely tight deadlines. The company couldn’t afford any delays. Which meant a sudden heatwave with temperatures soaring to 50 degrees Celsius was cause for real concern.

With employees struggling to work in such hot conditions, both worker safety and project deadlines were at risk. The company needed a temporary power and HVAC solution to cool workers down – and fast, before the problem grew any bigger.

Fact File

Temperatures in Qatar 50°C
Projects running in parallel 14
Air conditioners 20-100kW
Diesel generators 30-125kVA
Temperature control


Commercial cool AC delivers enhanced workplace comfort

When the petrochemical company gave Aggreko a call, we mobilised fast to get them the equipment they needed to keep workers cool.

A full HVAC and power solution – including 31x20 kW air conditioners, 31x30 kVA diesel generators, 4x100 kW air conditioners, and 4x125 kVA diesel generators – was on site fast, before the projects could fall further behind.

Our expert technicians installed the power and HVAC equipment in the company’s shelters – and left a permanent support team on site to ensure any technical issues were fixed fast.


Productivity unlocked with industrial HVAC

Once the industrial HVAC system was installed – backed up by the temporary diesel generators – our permanent support team remained on site. That way, they could provide the customer with round-the-clock support to ensure the system was running smoothly and maximising uptime.

Thanks to Aggreko’s rapid response and expert support, employees had the cool, comfortable conditions they needed to do their best work.