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Power grid planning & bridging power supply for the utilities industry

We know delivering reliable quality baseload power is a key challenge facing many utility providers. Finding the balance between ensuring your customer demands are met while also incorporating new energy sources into your energy mix can be another key challenge. Meanwhile, bridging power also has a role to play in ensuring your power gap is met on a shorter-term basis.

Here at Aggreko, we will evaluate your current energy mix and the technology in place to deliver it. With no ‘one size fits all’ approach, our involvement as a leading utility experts guarantees success whatever the challenge.

Long term strategic energy planning

As a reputable utility provider partner, we understand you need to maintain a dominant baseload position in the market –where resilience is paramount. We also know that with any project, the levelised cost of energy will be a factor in influencing how you achieve this.

Our experts will develop an aligned strategy. Learning from your integrated resource plan (IRP) we will make solid recommendations ensuring that your goals for the next, five, ten or fifteen plus years are accomplished, accelerating them and delivering on commitments. Delivering results in regulated markets does not limit our achievement capabilities –we have the local knowledge at our disposal every time.


Some of the ways we can achieve this include enhancing your current in-country solution with optimised grid balancing, avoiding cost degradation via better fuel efficiencies, or even integrating renewables into the grid to aid your transition to low carbon energy sources. Whatever the need, our expertise led solutions are vast.

Agility ensures that your contract can evolve if your project requirements change -from introducing fuel-efficient advancements or upgrading our assets, we dominate with a firm reputation as a leading flexible energy provider -whatever stage of your contract length or purchase agreement.

Bridging power supply

Our rapid bridging power solutions ensure your energy delivery is reliably maintained helping you avoid outages caused by volatile grid networks or transitioning between energy sources. We do this with our bespoke solutions and range of fuel options. Whether you are facing seasonal shortages, project delays, emergency maintenance, or planned maintenance we cover it all with many smart solutions at our disposal.


We also provide energy during critical construction, commissioning, and maintenance cycles of your power infrastructure. Our solutions support peak shaving delivering better grid reliability with a focus on assessment of demand and helping manage short term demand spikes. Ultimately, our bridging power solutions will help you meet your contract capacity whatever the cause of your demand shortfall.

Supporting Energy Transition in the utility industry

The Energy Transition is underway and as utilities energy specialists, our solutions outlined above are also underpinned by the changing energy landscape. Supporting you on your Energy Transition journey we’ll provide you with leading energy and technology solutions, improving your power reliability, and moving you towards a more sustainable future. We will work with you to understand and develop a long term power plan of grid integration of renewable energy sources to get you closer to your net-zero and sustainability goals.

With a vast number of options such as contract flexibility, fuel transition plans and the addition of renewables, we will have a bespoke solution tailored to your needs and goals.

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Fueling Energy Transition

We are trusted worldwide by many businesses in different industries, meaning we have the knowledge and experience to be a long-term partner to help you with your Energy Transition. We will work with you to understand how you can transition your different power generation assets, bring renewable energy into the mix and help you accelerate or meet your future energy aspirations.

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Our core service areas

Our experienced service teams can help you plan for every situation, from emergencies to day-to-day operations.

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