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Logistic centre powered before big deadline

Client: Global Retail Company

Location: Madrid

Sectors: Construction

The Challenge

To power the largest logistics centre in Spain in time for Black Friday

In Spain, the country’s largest logistics centre was in the process of being completed. This acts as a hub for the customer to deliver goods across the country.

With Black Friday approaching, the customer had a pressing need to ensure that the centre was completed and operational. 

That would require a grid connection, but this would not be accomplished before the big day, leaving the customer looking at a huge amount of lost income.

With the scale of the centre and the time constraints, the customer searched for a partner that could fulfil this power demand in the time necessary.

Only Aggreko could fit the bill.

Key facts

months lengh of installation 6
Total amount of power 9MW
Billion total Black friday spend in US alone last year € 5.6

The Solution

9 MW of expertly devised, rapidly deployed, modular power

Firstly, any solution needed to be located near to the transformation centre, to ensure the building could be connected to power. We devised a solution that comprised 9 MW of mobile, modular generators and related ancillaries that ensured the facility could operate.

We also synchronized the generators in groups, so that there reliability could be maintained, even when maintaining equipmen

The Impact

Centre opened in time to deal with Black Friday demand, maximizing profits

The logistics centre was opened in time for Black Friday, meaning thousands of orders could be delivered to people across the country.

That also meant the customer managed to maximize profit opportunities, thanks to our reliable and rapid services.

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