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Rapid, remote-controlled power saves construction project

Client: China-based Tunneling Contractor

Location: Singapore

Sectors: Construction

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Prompt power supply to construction site

A major construction contractor won a C3 sewage tunnelling contract, awarded by the Public Utilities Board (PUB). The scope included plans for four separate tunnels, each measuring 200 metres.

With improvement and maintenance works to be completed within a four month time frame alongside the construction element, every second counted. As with all construction public tender jobs, monetary penalties are imposed for any delay in project delivery. So getting the job done well, according to tender requirements and on time, is crucial.

Two weeks into the project phase, the construction site’s power generators broke down. Who could step in and provide stable, rapid power to the construction site and help them avoid costly delays?

Project fact file

Generators 3 Diesel
Of cable for remote control set-up 200m
Of power supplied 3.5 mVA
Construction site in London

The Solution

Remote-controlled, flexible power

The contractor searched online for a provider of reliable power who could deploy rapidly. Our global experience and most importantly our track record of delivering for customers across all sectors, including construction, helped them make their decision. Once the call was made, we got to work.

Having done the site assessment, our engineering team designed and delivered a power package consisting of three generators and distribution ancillaries, enough to power the site’s multiple components - such as construction machinery and lighting.

Our team also devised a remote-controlled set-up for the entire distribution of the power package, so that on-site workers were able to synchronise, turn-on/shutdown and manage the voltage output of the generators’ that were deployed outside, more than a hundred metres away.

The Impact

Flexible approach and top of the range equipment saves time and money

The power package guaranteed smooth site operations and ensured no delays to the project due to a lapse of power supply, helping to avoid hefty monetary penalties.

Our inventive distribution and remote-control set-up allowed the site’s engineers to power up/down to fit their demands and equipment requirements. This flexibility helped save on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.