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Flawless and uninterrupted power for crucial political summit

The North Korea-USA Summit was a highly anticipated global meeting for world peace and cessation of hostilities between the two countries. 

So uninterrupted power for over 2000 hastily gathered media personnel had to be seamless. There was absolutely no room for errors or interruption. The various media needed to instantly disseminate the latest information back to their respective home countries. The host country’s reputation was also at stake.


Project fact file

2 Backup generators

2000 +

Media personnel

2 MW

Power generation capacity



Contingency power with automated triggering system for constant supply

With a site assessment done within hours after the enquiry came in, we devised an automated, fool-proofed solution.

Two back-up generators were set up to be on ‘hot standby’ - a redundant engineered method where the generators run simultaneously with the primary power system running in the facility. In the event that an outage occurs or a failure to the primary system, our devised ‘hot standby’ contingency power system is triggered automatically, replacing the malfunctioning primary system. This ensures a seamless flow of power and no disruption to media operations within the facility.


The Aggreko Difference

We can power you to reach any summit



Decisive talks between two nations can be covered by global media

Our solution ensures that even unforeseen power outages or issues won’t stop your power supply. The media outlets were still able to get their video footages, articles and coverage out, thanks to our reliable equipment, fool proof set-up and automated triggering system. 

Through Aggreko’s ingenious set-up, Singapore’s international reputation as an efficient organiser with world-class infrastructure was maintained and enhanced.


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