Client Italian Hospital

Location Milan, Italy

Sectors Contracting

The challenge

Provide rapid relief to busy hospital during pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic places extra burden on hospitals and in Milan, Italy, this led to a plan to separate the infected and non-infected patients.

The triage would minimise the risk of infection, but it would need an external temporary structure to screen new patients as they arrived.

A large tent was erected to house the new patients – but the space required temperature control to create the best environment for both the sick and the brave staff who were issuing treatments.

A steady and precise 22oC was the temperature needed – and this could not deviate or be interrupted.

Every hour that passed was critical – so the hospital organisation - Istituto clinico Humanitas IRCCS - contacted Aggreko to step in.

Project fact file

50 kW

Air conditioner

24 Hours

From first response to installation

22 Degrees Celsius

Precise temperature maintained

The solution

Mobile, modular temperature control to ease hospital processes and workloads

From the initial meeting between our experts and the hospital, to the installation of the temperature control solution, took just 24 hours.

Our experience in handling rapid demand and deploying tailored solutions to all manner of structures allowed us to quickly devise what equipment was needed, through to planning logistics and installing the temperature control.

One of our 50 kW air conditioners was put in place and tested to ensure the 22oC that was needed could be maintained, so the hospital staff could carry on administering their life-saving work.

The Aggreko Difference

Rapid relief - when and where you need it most

The Impact

Nurses and doctors could carry out critical work in the ideal environment

Without the temporary tent to separate those that showed symptoms and those who did not, the risk of infecting more was high.

Our temperature control not only allowed the screening and separation to take place – but also helped to create the perfect environment for doctors and nurses to apply critical care.

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