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Commissioning a new hyperscale data centre in Japan

Client: Global leader in co-location data centres

Location: Osaka, Japan

Sectors: Data centres


Simulating real world workloads under various scenarios

An American-based major co- location data centre network operator had just completed its construction of a new hyperscale data centre in Osaka, Japan. Due to the sheer scale and complexity of the large facility, testing every aspect of the data centre's infrastructure, from the power and cooling systems to the networking equipment and software, would be rigorous.

Before it could be commissioned, it was critical to conduct thorough testing and commissioning to ensure the data centre's full operational capability and its ability for fault tolerance. This would reduce the risk of downtime or failure during actual operations. Data centre commissioning plans are often subject to change, resulting in frequent alterations in testing requirements. This posed a challenge for the customer, as they required flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes in testing requirements quickly.



Key Facts

200 kW loadbanks 32
of LV cables 11km
data hall capacity 4.8MW


A comprehensive cost-effective, flexible solution

We surveyed the site and determined that our 200 kW loadbanks, paired with LV cables and connectors, would be the best fit for the client’s two data halls. In total, we provided 32 loadbanks, totalling 4.8 MW of power to simulate the heat load that the data centre would place on its Power and Cooling infrastructure.

Our team of expert engineers took charge of commissioning and setting up the loadbanks and cabling installation, ensuring that the process was smooth and hassle-free for the client. Through rigorous and thorough testing to ensure, we enabled our customer to simulate real-world conditions and workloads to validate the performance of their hyperscale data centre under various scenarios.


Data centre uptime assured

We guided the client through the process and enabled them to commission their hyperscale data centre within the allotted time and budget. Our flexible and efficient solution also allowed the client to avoid capital expenditure by eliminating the need to purchase their own loadbanks.

Our solution was not only cost-effective but also ensured that the client’s data centre could operate optimally under various scenarios while meeting strict industry standards and regulations, such as uptime and energy efficiency requirements. As we had previously worked with this client in 2021, this project served as a reminder of our expertise in delivering top-notch service and adaptable solutions that meet the needs of our clients.