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Testing the endurance of a hyperscale data centre

Client: Hyperscale data centre provider

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Sectors: Data centres


Pushing the limits - from simulations to real world scenarios

Our client was in the testing and commissioning phase of their new hyperscale data centre in Tokyo, Japan. As data centres require a consistent and dependable power supply, emergency generator units are essential to ensure uninterrupted operations in case of power outages or other unexpected events. Testing emergency generator units is a crucial step in commissioning a new data centre and ensuring its readiness for full operation. Given the tight timeframe to successfully complete the tests, the client sought Aggreko’s expertise and flexibility to find a solution quickly. They needed both loadbank equipment and personnel, and trusted our reliable modular approach.

However, the challenge became even more complex as the client required us to test multiple scenarios and a high total load, as well as change the LV cables after every test.

Fact File Heading

emergency generators tested 3 x 2,300 kVA
total load test 2,300 kVA
of LV cables 4.2 km
loadbank 1 x 3,300 kVA


Dynamic solutions for ever-changing requirements

Aggreko experts reviewed the client’s needs and delivered a 3,300 kVA loadbank. This unit provided adequate load for the testing and commissioning of the data centre’s generators. Two Aggreko experts spent three days installing the required cabling. Between each generator test, we laid new cables, supporting the client as they carried out testing for all three of their emergency generators. The client was entirely without commissioning loadbanks before they got in touch with Aggreko. Within tight time constraints, our flexible, modular service was there when the client needed it most.

Downtime risks eliminated, data centre commisioned

Aggreko’s expertise and unparalleled flexibility allowed our client to test their emergency generators under realistic load conditions to ensure they can handle the demand in case of a power outage. Any risks of downtime were eliminated, and our customer could commission their data centre right on schedule. They also avoided the expense of purchasing permanent equipment.