Client 2014 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee

Location Brazil

Sectors Events

The challenge

Provide power and cooling at multiple venues

When FIFA announced that the 2014 World Cup would be held in Brazil, the locals danced in the streets. Behind the scenes, organisers began the hard task of planning for this global event. How to ensure that 12 state-of-the-art stadiums would be built in time? Then, how to provide uninterrupted power and the right broadcasting conditions to the IBC? Given that millions of people tune in – and millions of dollars in sponsorship change hands – it was critical that they got the power equation right.


Project fact file


Stadiums spread across Brazil

40,000 sq/m

Size of the International Broadcast Centre (IBC)

50 MW

Power supplied

22 °C

Temperature maintained in IBC


Technicians with 24/7 support

The solution

Specially designed power and cooling systems

Having powered up nine Olympic Games and four previous World Cups, we know a thing or two about major events. We worked closely with the organisers to plan how to deliver power to the 12 stadiums around Brazil. Powered by us, LED screens and more would light up to the delight of football fans.

We also designed the power system for the International Broadcast Centre. The 40,000 square metre media centre needed 6 MW for power-hungry broadcast equipment, plus an extra 2 MW for cooling to keep the environment at a steady 22°C. As back-up, we provided 4 MW of power to Brazil’s national utility company. Uninterrupted power to the IBC was assured.



We score with our can-do attitude and winning team of experts.

The impact

Brazil’s World Cup runs beautifully

With 14 locations in Brazil, we were perfectly placed to partner on this event. By tapping into our deep understanding of local needs, plus our international expertise, we provided just the right amount of temporary power and cooling for this incredible event. 

Germany wasn’t the only winner in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The host nation – backed by us – proved itself more than capable of holding an event of this magnitude. 


“The opportunity to work on an event like the World Cup is second-to-none. Aggreko has a great reputation in this area, and the 2014 World Cup strengthened it.”

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