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Milk production needed ice to proceed

Sectors: Food and Beverage

The Challenge

Keeping milk at optimum temperature

When the chiller plant at a large dairy broke down, it could have resulted in thousands of litres of spoiled milk, a loss of production and revenue. As the site’s process cooling system used ice water, we needed to find a way to keep this at a steady 1oC, to maintain the milk’s temperature between 3-4oC. Too warm and the milk would spoil – too cold and the water would freeze.

Project Fact File

800 kW chiller 1
Constant temperature range +/- 0,3 °C
Round the clock milk production 24/7

The Solution

Ice water at a stable 1°C for round the clock milk production

We came up with a plan to link into the site’s water cooling process using a heat exchanger. This accepted the ice water from one side and we attached a three way valve to the other. This then linked into our 800 kW chiller, which delivered water at a constant set point of 1⁰C.

We installed a sensitive temperature gauge to the three way valve to monitor the water temperature leaving the heat exchanger. The valve opened and closed to cool and heat the water as its temperature rose and fell – keeping it between +/-0.3⁰C of 1⁰C.

"We found a way to deliver ice water at 1⁰C across the entire site, allowing the dairy to keep production running 24/7"

Food & Beverage Specialist , Worldwide

Aggreko Technical Engineer

Milk kept in tip top condition throughout the process

The whole dairy site was supported with a robust cooling package until the failed chiller could be replaced.

As a result it was able to maintain milk production round the clock, 24/7 and was able to meet its production schedules.

Couple of people working at a dairy factory pasteurizing the milk - food proccessing concepts