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Quickly adapting power requirement for paper and pulp manufacturing plant

Client: Tempo Paper

Location: Ogun State, Nigeria

Sectors: Manufacturing

The Challenge

Provide reliable, adaptive power and testing

Tempo are a large, paper manufacturing company, based in Nigeria. It already had a large-scale power solution in place, but the 5.6 MW generator was aging and couldn’t give the customer the reliability they need.

Productivity would suffer eventually if an answer couldn’t be found. This was not an option, so Tempo began the process of looking at all the options available.

Project fact file

Existing power solution 5.6 MW
Of testing 1 Week
Gas generated power 4 MW

The Solution

Optimised and efficient power and rapid deployment

Our blend of sector expertise and mobile, modular equipment made Aggreko the preferred option ahead of the competition.

The 5.6 MW existing generator needed serious maintenance so we deployed 2 MW of thermal generation to ensure a smooth transition and operation.

Our loadbank testing services were also put into play, to ensure that the equipment could handle the potential demand and scope for growth.

The customer soon discovered that the 5.6 MW generator was not a viable option going forward.

Our expertise and swift response had impressed Tempo, so we entered discussions to install 2 MW of gas power on site.

The customer could have the flexibility to ramp up or scale down their power needs with our rentable model – and we did just that by adding a further 2 MW of gas generation.

The Impact

Reduced fuel costs and improved productivity

With our newer equipment and expert installation and integration, we helped our customer optimise their fuel costs.

The flexibility in our solution also helps, as the customer can make plans in advance and avoid any loss in production.

We enhanced reliability for Tempo too, which not only further increases productivity, it also helps the business concentrate on growth.

The scale of this project changed dynamically, but intrinsic to everything was the excellent standards of communication upheld by our team on site and behind the scenes.

We helped Tempo find a solution that suited their needs.