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Clean efficient offshore power for oil platform

Client: Neptune Energy

Location: Den Helder, The Netherlands

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Reduce emissions and increase efficiency of offshore platform

New emission regulations on soot and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) production required Neptune Energy, a major Oil and Gas company to rethink their approach for their offshore gas turbine.

The turbine itself was inefficient and producing more power than was needed, with the excess gas being flared. The company didn't want to spend unnecessary CAPEX in updating the turbine but reliability issues and maintenance costs meant a decision had to be made.

How could Neptune introduce a more efficient, environmentally friendly power source without impacting profit margins?

Key Facts

Contract duration 5years
Gas generator 1375kVA
Power supplied 1.1MW
Oil drilling rig operation on the oil platform in oil and gas industry. Industrial concept.

The Solution

Our 1.1 MW gas generators meet new regulation parameters

We collaborated with Neptune to understand the requirements and quickly devised a solution to meet all requirements and regulations.

One of our mobile, modular 1.1 MW gas generators would provide ample power to the platform, with the portable equipment ideal for offshore sites.

Most importantly though, our product would lower emissions in comparison to the existing gas turbine, thanks to the increased efficiency and the ability to use APG (Associated Petroleum Gas) which was previously being flared.

As an added bonus we helped Neptune avoid CAPEX as our solution was on a rental basis.

The Impact

Efficiency up, costs and emissions down

A FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) was implemented to verify lower emission values. This would guarantee the equipment to be working precisely how our customer wanted and was done before installation.

The 36% efficiency of the new power package meant the customer's gas turbine was no longer neccessary and the platform stayed live with no need for CAPEX.

Our flexible approach also means that should demand change, our customer can increase their level of power whenever they want.

The end result? We were awarded a five year contract to provide our reliable cleaner power to the platform.