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Offshore platform Gas Turbine overcapacity and inefficiency solved

Client: Dana Petroleum

Location: Netherlands

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The challenge

Inefficiency and lower oil prices lead to overcapacity of an existing gas turbine

With two oversized Gas Turbine main engines of 4.3 MW in total power each and the evident consequences of lower oil prices, our customer’s offshore platform power was highly inefficient.

One of the existing gas turbines had a considerably low efficiency of just 14%. With low oil prices also impacting activity levels, the platform was unable to use all of the 4.3 MW that was generated. The overcapacity was increasingly costly and with our customer facing considerable cost pressures, they needed a temporary solution fast.

Project fact file

Gas generators on APG 2 1.1 MW
Contract duration 5years
Saving on maintenance costs 1m

The solution

Providing back-up power for remaining gas turbine with our gas generators using available APG

By turning off the inefficient turbine our customer needed a backup solution for their remaining online turbine.

They also had to consider if oil prices would go up as fast as they dropped, that they could respond quickly with available power to easily ramp up production. We installed two 2 MW gas generators in parallel with the customers remaining efficient main engine and right sized the power requirement, so the customer was guaranteed power with a higher efficiency.

Our solution can also meet any future production increase power demands as well as providing backup for their existing engine. As the platform used Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) for their gas turbines, we were also able to use the APG taking over the existing fuel for our gas generators, with some modifications for the offshore environment.

We modified the gas train to meet offshore safety specifications, pressure and extended our exhausts.

The impact

Higher efficiency, lower costs

With this solution, the customer no longer needed to take care of their costly inefficient ageing turbine. Especially maintenance-wise this turbine had been incurring them increasingly high unpredictable costs.

The solution provided, optimised costs for the platform, resulted in higher efficiency and decreased emissions.

Using the platforms available existing APG meant savings on logistical costs as the fuel was readily available onboard.

The customer was able to focus on their core business knowing a fully certified offshore solution was provided that enabled them to continue or even ramp up production.

We also offered additional security and peace of mind with Aggreko Remote Monitoring where we could control and monitor load sharing.