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Cost-efficient temperature control solution for FPSO construction

Client: SBM Offshore

Location: Keppel Shipyard, Singapore

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Turn-Key Testing, Commissioning Power and Temperature Control solution for FPSO construction

The Prosperity FPSO is designed to produce up to 220,000 barrels of oil per day. Thorough testing of the gas turbines is necessary for full commissioning of the FPSO. If commissioning is delayed, this would mean financial implications for the client.

Turbines are precisely engineered and have very fine operational parameters. The customer needed to verify their GTG’s performance by stressing turbines to reveal potential issues before and after installation. It is expected that they be tested to their full potential - can they achieve maximum load, do they synchronise if multiple units run in parallel, can they take and shed load without any issues?

During the GTG test, the load provided has also to remain consistent and available. If not, the test would need to be restarted - delaying commissioning and increasing the fuel cost. Space constraints, a common problem on board rigs and vessels, was also another challenge.

The customer required a reliable and established partner who had a detailed understanding of their business and requirements while being able to engineer solutions for both power and load testing needs. Our operations personnel had experience of vessel commissioning projects and understood the requirements needed.


Project Fact File

of diesel savings $1 Million
Cooling Tower 1x 10,000 KW
of reliable power provided across 90 days 29 MW
Diesel Generators 6x 320 kVA
Load Banks 9x 6 mVA
Transformers 9x 6.3 mVA

The Solution

Customised load bank package to test gas turbine limits

Based on the customers’ cooling capacity requirements for the vessel, Aggreko presented two solutions for the customer. First was a chiller plus cooling tower package and the other was a full cooling tower solution.

Based on our engineering calculations, our full cooling tower solution would only utilise 5% of diesel consumption compared to what the chiller plus cooling tower package would utilise. We presented the comparisons of both solutions to the customer.



The Impact

Significant Savings and Commissioning Deadline Met

Our single equipment solution not only helped the customer reduce their equipment rental costs, but it also reduced their carbon footprint. Requiring only one 10,000KW Cooling Tower for their cooling needs meant less space constraints and decreased mechanical failure rates of their equipment.

As compared to the chiller plus cooling tower package, which would require 2 to 3 barges to accommodate the equipment, our single cooling tower solution also enabled savings on diesel, barge rental and equipment maintenance costs.