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2-stage cooling for LNG vessel maintenance

Client: LNG Tank Vessel

Location: Major shipyard in Singapore

Sectors: Shipping

The Challenge

Confined space cooling with precision

As part of its routine dock tasks, an LNG tanker had just emptied its on-board tanks in Singapore after delivering to another country.

A regular maintenance check revealed issues with its tanker that needed urgent welding. This would need to be completed in a controlled environment, with precise levels of temperature and humidity to be upheld.

The ship itself didn’t have the capacity to maintain this and the average temperature hovers around 25-28oC, and the tropical location meant that humidity levels would be contravened without the necessary intervention.

With confined space and no cooling facility, the pressure was on to find a cooling partner they could rely on.

Project fact file

Humidity level achieved 55%
For dual-staged cooling 2 Chillers
Temperature of cooled air 25°C

The Solution

Dual staged, precise cooling to optimise maintenance

The customer chose Aggreko for this specialist task rather than their previous cooling provider.

Why? The stringent requirements, the confined spaces and the need for haste demanded a partner who had extensive experience and adaptable equipment.

That called for us, so our experts got to work devising a solution that would allow crucial welding to begin, so the vessel could end its imposed dry-dock phase.

Our assessment clarified what steps and products would be needed, and a 2-stage cooling process was the chosen course of action.

Chillers were installed 1km from the small confines of the site, and the first chiller cooled room temperatures from 29oC to 22oC.

Subsequently, the cooled air was funnelled via ducting and cooled further to 16oC. This chilled air could then be pushed into the controlled environment so vital maintenance checks could be carried out with zero risks.

The final result was an ambient temperature of 29oC and a humidity level of 55% - the optimal environment for welding work to bond stronger.

The Impact

Penalties avoided and ship back in operation

Our engineering expertise helped our customer avoid costly penalties for delays in the maintenance schedule. In fact, our timely intervention allowed the customer to complete the welding and get the ship back in prime condition in just three days.

The customer stayed on track, on budget and on time