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Aggreko generators powered by biogas delivering significant cost and carbon savings in Thailand


Aggreko plc, the global provider of mobile, modular power, is working with RE Power Group to produce electricity from clean biogas for a facility in Thailand.

Aggreko is delivering 6 MW of biogas-fuelled generator power, providing a flexible, fast and cost-efficient way of successfully scaling-up the biogas project and delivering cleaner energy for the facility and the wider region.

The site’s biogas generation gets its feedstock from a tapioca factory. The wastewater and biomass is then captured in Thailand’s first and largest dual feedstock anaerobic digester. The same tapioca factory has been buying biogas to substitute 18,000 litres/day of heavy fuel oil to dry its starch since August 2018. With a production capacity of 100,000m² of biogas per day, the opportunity to convert biogas into power at the site is significant.

Over the course of the five-year contract, the new power solution is on track to deliver a total reduction of over three million tonnes of greenhouse gases – the equivalent of removing 40,000 cars from circulation*.

Aggreko’s tailor-made solution will allow RE Power Group and its customer PTR to use its waste products to produce clean energy, with the potential to significantly lower the factory’s electricity cost as a result.

The innovative power package is also saving RE Power Group $1 million USD in grid costs every year.

In addition to the significant carbon and cost savings, the project is also having a positive impact on the local community, with 30 people now permanently employed to support the project.

Aggreko is particularly proud of this project as it achieves 15 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including clean energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure and responsible consumption.

Gustaf Godenhielm, Co-Founder of RE Power Group, said:
“By partnering with Aggreko, we were able to successfully scale-up our operating biogas project by adding power generation capacity in record time and at significantly lower capex than expected. Beating our expectations, the gensets arrived in Thailand just three weeks after signing the contract. We’re really pleased that the bespoke solution Aggreko has put in place is already bearing fruit and we’re making positive progress towards our carbon reduction targets.”

Bill Carrick, Group Product Director, said: “Two of Aggreko’s core strengths are flexibility and a rapid response time, which made us a perfect partner for RE Power Group to deliver an innovative power solution which met their unique needs."
“Converting waste gas not only has cost benefits for the customer, but also generates a much cleaner energy source for the wider region and has significantly reduced the facility’s carbon emissions. We are proud to be supporting such an innovative project which is so closely aligned with the UN’s SDGs, and look forward to continuing our relationship with RE Power Group to deliver both cost and carbon reductions over the coming years.”

As part of this tailor-made package, a 2 MW built-in redundancy is in place due to the fluctuating power demands of the facility. This will cover all aspects of the project requirements, with a far lower carbon footprint than previously possible.

This is Aggreko’s second biogas project, reflecting the need for new solutions in an energy market transitioning towards a decarbonised future. Customers are also increasingly seeking greater flexibility from energy suppliers which reduces their reliance on centralised grids. Aggreko’s generators can provide this flexibility due to their diversity of fuel sources, as they are compatible with several other gas types including Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Associated Petroleum Gas (APG).

Aggreko’s solution has helped RE Power Group to meet the project’s demands six months earlier than their initial chosen capex solution.

* All figures have been independently verified by a Third party employed by the RE Power Group and calculations, and registered as a TVER (Thai carbon credit) project.