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2022.11.17 Aggreko

 Aggreko launches new fleet of battery storage systems

Small footprint, large savings

Aggreko, the global leader in mobile and modular energy solutions, today announces the launch of a new fleet of battery storage systems. These fully integrated units will help customers to maintain a 100% reliable power supply while reducing the runtime of their thermal generators, leading to significant cost and emission savings.

  • New fleet of battery storage systems designed for maximum reliability in temporary power applications
  • The 30 - 90 kVA units will help customers to achieve significant cost and emission savings
  • Latest milestone in Aggreko’s journey to operate as a net zero business across all services by 2050

The 30–90 kVA lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery systems have been designed to offer a robust and highly mobile solution for customers with varying needs and contract durations, regardless of their load profile. Due to the units’ small footprint of 1.14m X 1.45m X 1.58m, and weight of 1360kg, they are suitable for numerous different applications and uses for a large range of sectors globally.

The new fleet of batteries offers several customer benefits, including:

  • Up to 80% reduction in generator run time against thermal-only solutions
  • Average 40-50% reductions in fuel costs and emissions, reaching up to 90% reductions for specific applications
  • Significant reductions in generator O&M downtime and costs
  • Avoidance of costly long-term CAPEX investments in fixed assets
  • Flexibility for a range of lease durations, including long-term projects and installations

The lithium-ion battery storage units can be combined with Aggreko’s thermal or renewable power generation systems to create highly efficient hybrid solutions, allowing customers to switch generators off to reduce fuel consumption or noise pollution. This will be particularly key for sectors with operations which often take place in populated areas and thereby require minimal noise pollution and low emissions, such as events and construction.

Dan Ibbetson, Managing Director Global Products & Technology at Aggreko said: “Energy storage plays a critical role in ensuring both power reliability and flexibility throughout the energy transition, especially for grids powered by an increasing share of renewable sources, which are more volatile in nature. Our battery storage solutions help our customers to power their operations while reducing fuel costs and cutting more carbon emissions than ever before. This is aided in a large part by the potential 80% reduction in generator run time these units can deliver.

“Aggreko has been leading the way with battery technology since the acquisition of Younicos in 2017, and the addition of these compact storage systems to our offer means we are able to support customers with projects of any size, anywhere in the world, to achieve their low-carbon targets."

The introduction of the range of units is an expansion of Aggreko’s existing market-leading battery offer, which has delivered stability to a range of projects and sectors globally. Recent examples of Aggreko’s work in the storage sector include: the successful deployment of a 500 kW lithium-ion unit to Turkey to support the national grid - the first of its kind in the country; as well as the implementation of a 48 kW ancillary battery storage solution at a residential project in the United Kingdom, which provided a 90% reduction in fuel consumption and noise pollution, allowing the project to operate away from grid power.

The use of battery solutions forms an important part of Aggreko’s strategy to reduce local emissions and diesel emissions by 50% by 2030, as part of its commitment to become a Net-Zero business across all operations and services by 2050.