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2022.12.13 Reme Foster

Mel Reid Interview

What was your 2022 season highlight?  

Honestly, 2022 season was a struggle for me for a number of reasons. I changed my coach and struggled with that transition. I had a wrist injury mid-season, which I tried to play through stubbornly. After evaluating all of those struggles, I did also have some highlights. I got back together with my old coach and I’m starting to see some improvements almost immediately which confirmed my decision to go back with him. I also really enjoyed playing Muirfield this year for the AIG Women’s Open, always nice to be part of history. I’m certainly looking forward now to a healthy 2023!

What sustainable initiatives are you seeing on tour? How do they filter down to players?

I think every player is conscious of their carbon footprint, simply due to the amount of travel we do. I know the LPGA Tour is trying to make changes with the use of electric cars at events and non-plastic water bottles which are re-useable. I think just being more aware and making some habits like this into each day/week is something we can all do to be more sustainable. 

How do you challenge yourself to reduce your own carbon footprint?

We try to do small things to hopefully make a big difference. We recycle religiously, we are looking to exchange one of our cars to electric, we don’t use plastic water bottles, we try and use all natural house products. I feel with all the information that is out there now its important people educate themselves to be more aware of changes they can make to reduce carbon footprint. 

Why have you chosen to partner with Aggreko?

I have certainly been more aware of who I align myself with the more comfortable I have become in my own skin and Aggreko just fits. They fit my values and my beliefs such as inclusion, equality, diversity and always making the world a better place.

What are your goals for 2023?

Staying healthy is number one. I feel the time off for my injury has been so good mentally for me to realise how much I love to compete, so I’m just excited to do that. I want/need to change the way I prepare and I’m excited to explore that possibility. It’s also Solheim Cup year so I will be doing my absolute best to put myself in a position to get in that team any way I can.

What do you get up to in the off-season?

This year has been a lot of rehab but now I’m feeling much better, I’m just hanging out with the people I can’t normally see in the season. We always make a trip back to England which is certainly a highlight, just being home and seeing my family. I will also be trying to sneak in a little snowboarding trip if I can. So, honestly just doing normal things but I try to stay in good shape so that I will be ready to go come January. I also signed up for a half marathon in February, so we are currently in the middle of training for that to keep the holiday pounds away!