Available from 30-6300KVA

Key Data

  1. Max Ambient Temp
  2. Electrical Rating

Physical Data

  1. Length (m)
  2. Width (m)
  3. Height (m)
  4. Weight (kg)


  • Enclosed in standard. ISO 20ft container with integrated lifting forgings on all corners.
  • Can be installed on any solid, flat and level surface capable of supporting full operating load of package
  • Secondary connections configurable in different ways to produce a range of output voltages
  • Installed with three thermostatically controlled cooling fans and ducting kit , improving cooling and air-flow


  • Constructed to meet the rigorious demands of every industrial sector
  • Installed with protection device to provide discharge of gases protection, excess pressure protection and excess dielectric oil temperature protection.
  • Designed and constructed to meet the rigorous demands of every industry

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