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Rental air handler units to fit any requirements

300 kW Air Handler

Air Flow 6.8 m3/s
Cooling Capacity 272 kW
Heating Capacity (Electric) 90 kW
Voltage (V) 415
Heating Capacity (Coil) 251 kW
Length (m) 2.9
Width (m) 2.3
Height (m) 1.96
Weight (kg) 1723


  • Electrically powered
  • Equipped with variable speed drive for varying airflow
  • Compact and robust units
  • Can be used in conjunction with Aggreko chillers to provide effective air conditioning


  • Safe and reliable operation for rental applications
  • Extra strength and durability, dynamic stability
  • Reduced total cost of operation
  • Safe, balanced lifting and placing in tight places

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