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Air-cooled chillers, clinical trial facility, Groton, Connecticut, America

Industrial cooling tower systems and solutions to keep you up and running

From providing temporary cooling to responding to emergencies, our industrial cooling tower systems are available wherever and whenever you need them

Cooling Tower Rentals

Our cooling tower equipment ranges from 2,500kW through to 10,000kW and can be combined to achieve multi-megawatts of cooling capacity. This can aid in:

  • Helping industrial plant customers recover from existing failures in both planned and emergency situations
  • Augmenting and/or supplementing cooling water flows
  • Providing cooling for planned system turnarounds
  • Help prevent your machinery and equipment from overheating and extending their life

We Can Meet Your Cooling Requirements from Start to Finish

Our technical team can support any cooling tower requirement that you may have with tailored solutions across any industry. Our specialised team of design engineers can also tailor our fleet to suit your business.

Our modular fleet can be used to cool products and provide supplemental condenser water cooling to help drive greater efficiencies and reduce your operational costs across the board. Each cooling tower can also augment and/or supplement water flows and provide support for planned system turnarounds. With years of expertise, our technical staff are ready to find the right cooling tower rental solution for you.

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Creating a bespoke cooling tower system

Types of cooling tower solutions

Our cooling towers are divided into two key categories, based on the scale of your needs.

 HVAC and light cooling towers

Our light cooling towers work as part of a wider HVAC system. They’re routinely used with air conditioners to bring cooling to commercial settings, improving environmental conditions and comfort. We also provide portable cooling towers that are easily transported around sites.

 Modular and heavy cooling towers

Our industrial cooling tower solutions are all modular by design. Multiple units can be integrated to work in tandem, giving you efficient, dependable cooling on any scale, anywhere in the world.

More than rental

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