Diesel Generator Rental

Unloading an Aggreko generator


Rent from Global Leaders in Rental Power, with an established presence in Asia since 1976

Our portable generator rental modules are packaged in these two different modular packages, depending on the power capacity that you need, suitable for all industrial and commercial operations.

• Canopy Diesel Generator: 30- 500kVA
• Containerised Diesel Generator: 500-1500kVA

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We’re also able to cross configure different generator modules in accordance to your total power load required. We don’t just rent out our generators, we provide you with end-to-end turnkey engineering support to help you with:


  • Fast power recovery for contingencies or emergencies due to power outage, trips, faults and more
  • Advanced Business continuity planning for crisis management
  • Scheduled turnaround maintenance/ shutdowns for your production facility or building
  • Production expansion power planning and support
  • Events power support and distribution

What makes us different from the rest is you can always leave the problem with us and we’ll help you solve it or partner with you to mitigate the challenge ahead, reduce impact as much as possible. Here are the advantages of renting your diesel generator with Aggreko:

  • No frills, full turnkey support from logistics, commissioning, maintenance to decommissioning
  • Zero capital expenditure, pay as you use
  • Flexibility to ramp up or scale down according to seasonal production needs
  • 24/7 on-site engineering support available
  • Ancillaries and spare-parts stockist availability

which gives you a peace of mind to focus on your core operations.


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