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Whitepaper: Harnessing Flare Gas for the Oil & Gas Sector

Whitepaper: Discover the drivers and importance of harnessing Flare Gas for the Oil & Gas sector

Putting Associated Petroleum Gas/Flare gas into use

The Oil and Gas industry is under tremendous pressure to address the issue of gas flaring, facing calls for the practice to be minimised in order to reduce its environmental impact. While decarbonisation efforts are put into the spotlight, the economic benefits that present, enabling Oil & Gas producers to deliver operational cost savings and grasp monetisation opportunities are proving to be extremely rewarding in current market's dynamics. In our latest whitepaper we'll explore, reveal & analyse:

  • The top flaring contributors in Asia
  • The global problem of flaring
  • Flaring statistics
  • The opportunities available to best use flare gas
  • 5 drivers sparking substantial growth in one utilisation approach of Flare Gas 

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