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Data centre sector insights

The Inside View: Hyperscale Data Centres

The Inside View Reports

A collection of insights from those working in hyperscale data centres


Hyperscale Data Centres

The data centre market continues to boom. Hyperscale facilities typify society’s need for digital infrastructure. This class of data centre now underpins much of today’s economy. At the close of 2021 there were 728 hyperscale data centers in operation around the world, with an additional 314 facilities planned. Completing this pipeline is expected to bring the global total to over 1,000 by the end of 2024.

Despite this, the industry continues to face challenges, from understanding the most secure and reliable green energy technologies to fluctuating power and unplanned downtime.

Working with Censuswide, Aggreko commissioned qualitative interviews of 10 key data centre workers to understand the priorities and expectations of those working inside the data centre. Participants included energy managers, facilities managers, data centre owners and consultants.

The responses have been collated in a series of reports: The Inside View. Download the reports now and understand the challenges being faced by those with an inside view of the data centre.

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