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Our latest Whitepaper: Bridging the energy gap for Data Centres in Asia

New Whitepaper-Bridging the energy gap for Data Centres in Asia

Data Centre zones are sprouting up in close proximity to one another in many Asian countries, fuelled by investments from global cloud and co-location providers. However, the speed and concentration of these investments is a herculean task for supporting infrastructure with hundreds of mega-watt of IT load vying to come online. This leaves a lot to ponder:

  • Can the local power grid keep up?
  • Are the sub-stations and network grid ready to scale in time to switch on the new cabinets on the online date?

In this whitepaper, we explore the growing strains in power supply that are getting increasingly evident and prevalent for new projects in Asia-for 3 key reasons.

To read more, you can download the full report below.

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