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Data centre upgrades

Expanding expertise with data centre power, cooling and testing.

If you’re looking to expand, our modular design enables you to quickly increase or reduce your power or temperature control needs, depending on changing requirements.

How can we support data centre upgrades?

  • Capacity can be added or reduced to meet actual demand, as opposed to total upfront deployment
  • We have exceptional project management capabilities and have completed many complex upgrades on time and on budget
  • We ensure a seamless migration off-line with no interruptions in supply over the upgrade period
  • We carry out careful testing of any system that has been changed, added or replaced
  • We are equipped to carry out the full range of testing levels; from L1 factory acceptance tests to L5 fully integrated system tests at full load and L6 Go Live post commissioning

Temporary power, cooling and testing for data centre upgrades and refurbishments

Maintaining uptime when you upgrade

Many older data centres are upgrading their existing facilities as a cost-effective route to gaining greater reliability, efficiency and extending their life. IT load can’t be put at risk, so downtime is not an option. Replacing electrical and mechanical systems in a live environment, without affecting availability, requires careful planning. Our mobile and modular data centre power and cooling solutions ensure a seamless migration with no interruptions in supply over the upgrade period.

Data centre power, cooling and testing - at every stage of the lifecycle

Keeping you online