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Day-to-day services for mining operations

Aggreko has decades of experience servicing mines globally. 

A typical mine site has numerous equipment operating simultaneously which requires power. Our modular generators and battery storage is the ideal solution for flexible and scalable power at any stage of the mining life-cycle.

Our modular POWER solutions can help you in the following situations:

  • Shutdowns and outages

    Not only do you have to account for any downtime that might occur when equipment is taken offline, but there is always the possibility that shutdowns and outages might last longer than initially planned. If that happens, do you have systems in place to avoid losing thousands in revenue?
  • Powering Shovel Walks

    Power shovels are large machines used for digging and loading earth for mineral extraction. Requiring a mobile power source during relocations, Aggreko are the pioneers when it comes to providing modular motivators saving you time and money.

  • Load Testing

    Load bank testing is used to test and confirm output of existing generating sets, or to simulate utilities during commissioning of plant if load is not available. Load testing equipment at a mine site can ensure that potential problems and risks are identified before they present a serious issue in the future, including downtime and unnecessary costs. Our range of load banks are available to test and confirm output of various power equipment, or to simulate utilities during commissioning of plant if load is not available.
Advantages of our modular power solutions:

The mining industry has its own set of regulations and standards when it comes to electrical equipment. It is crucial that miners adhere to such standards. At Aggreko, we understand the industry requirements and can provide a range of mine spec power equipment and accessories to ensure safety and efficiency on site.

Our modular TEMPERATURE CONTROL solutions can help you in the following situations:

  • Safety shower – eyewash station

    Complying with the local Safety Shower Standard is vital for ensuring personnel safety when working with hazardous chemicals. A typical standard mandates that safety showers be within ten seconds or fifteen meters from potential hazards. Additionally, a minimum water flow rate of 75.5L/minute must be maintained for fifteen minutes, effectively flushing out chemicals without causing harm. Moreover, tepid water is required to prevent scalding or thermal burns. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the well-being of employees in case of a chemical incident.

    Our modular temperature control solutions offer several advantages. They enable safe shower operation during emergencies, regulate the water temperature for safety showers and eye washes, prevent exacerbating injuries, and enhance overall safety for mine staff.

  • Mill / Furness re-line

    All mineral grinding mills suffer high wear rates of their internal components. Every tonne of mineral ore must be processed through the grinding mills. When the grinding circuit is stopped for necessary maintenance, the cash flow of the entire mine site effectively ceases. For every hour that the concentrator is shut-down due to liner exchange the mine site asset loses $50K to $500K per hour of revenue, depending on the mine head grade, through-put and commodity prices.  

    Our modular temperature control solutions come with several key advantages. They are specifically designed to minimize furnace relining time, proven to expedite the cool-down process without compromising the structure, and ensure the safety and extended working capabilities of relining personnel. By saving on manpower and time, these solutions reduce HSE risks for reliners and create a cooler, safer atmosphere for their work.
  •  Comfort cooling for accommodation

    Most structures on a typical mine site is temporary and therefore would need some form of modular cooling and heating.

    Our modular temperature control solutions offer a range of compelling advantages. They enhance productivity and ensure safe working conditions by preventing dehydration. The optimized working environment leads to increased productivity and improved staff retention, resulting in higher-quality workmanship.
  • Belt splicing

    Conveyor belt splicing is the process of joining together two pieces of conveyor belt. Usually, this is done to either elongate the original conveyor belt or to repair a torn or damaged conveyor belt.

    Our modular temperature control solutions present numerous benefits. By controlling humidity during the belt splicing process, we effectively reduce shutdown time and enhance the longevity of the product. Furthermore, our solutions prevent humidity from negatively impacting the product's quality, resulting in improved standards. The overall outcome includes increased productivity and reduced downtime, leading to greater operational efficiency.

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